Riad Villa Blanche

Game rules by lottery

Win gifts by exploring our virtual tours

Article 1 – Competition Organization

THE company SA SOCRATESSE organizes a free competition from Friday, May 8, 2020 (12:00 p.m.) to Thursday, June 25, 2020 (midnight), aimed at promoting the Riad Villa Blanche through the inauguration of its virtual tours.

SA SOCTATESSE will be referred to as the "Organizer" below. The
participant will be referred to as "the Participant."
The winner of the draw is also referred to below as "The Winner".

This operation is not organized or sponsored by Facebook, Google, Instagram, Apple or Microsoft.

Article 2 – Contest Dates

Start date: Frida
y, May 8, 2020So
thslese: Thursda
y, June 25, 2020Dr.

Article 3 – Condition of participation

This game is open to any natural and major person.

The participation of any minor implies that he has received the consent of his parents or, failing the holder of parental authority. The Organizer reserves the right to carry out any verification and to have any supporting documents communicated.

Only one entry per individual is accepted for the duration of the competition. Staff members of SA SOCRATESSE and their family members are excluded from participating in the competition.

Participants can only access the Game by logging on to the Riad Villa Blanche virtual tours website at the URL: http://riadvillablanche-visite360.com. Participation therefore leads to acceptance of the terms and conditions for the use of riadvillablanche-visite360.com.

Endowments will be availab llT by appointment when booking a room or meal.

Article 4 – How to participate

In order for the participation to be validated by the Organizer, the Participant will have to complete the online form.

Any participation outside the aforementioned period will not be eligible.

The Organizer reserves the right to cancel, terminate or modify this operation if it does not proceed as agreed: violation, fraud, unauthorized intervention, technical problem or other out-of-control cause.

In a virtual tour, the participant will have to click on the turtle in order to access the participation form. The latter's submission allows you to participate in the draw. A confirmation email will be sent to the participant.

Below is a calendar of virtual tours during which they are eligible for the competition. Outside of these periods, the turtle will no longer be present in the virtual tour.

  • Monday to May 4 to Tuesday, May 12: the patio
  • Wednesday, May 13 to Thursday, May 21: the garden and pool
  • Sunday, May 31 to Monday, June 8: restaurant and bar
  • Friday, May 22 to Saturday, May 30: room
  • Tuesday, June 9 to Thursday, June 25: the spa

 Article 5 – Endowments

Will be put into play:

  • Virtual tour of the rooms: two breakfasts for one night purchased.
  • Virtual tour of restaurants and bar: a meal for one person, excluding drinks, offered
  • Virtual tour for the patio: two cocktails of fresh fruit juice
  • Virtual tour of the Spa: a relaxing massage session offered
  • Virtual tour of the garden and pool: an aquagym or pilates session offered

The exact dates of the use of the winnings will be defined later by the Organizer, once the official calendar is known.

Article 6 – Winners

A draw will be held on June 26, 2020 by the competition leaders to select the twenty five winners from among the contest participants.

Winners will be notified by e-mail as specified in Section 7.2.

An additional list of 10 people will be compiled by the contest managers, in case one or more winners of the endowment do not contact the organizer within the time limits imposed on Article 7.2 to claim their prize. The Organizer reserves the right to reassign or not any unclaimed lot or whose initial winner has been excluded due to non-compliance with this regulation, fraud, a technical problem affecting the designation of the winners or a case of force majeure.

Article 7 – How lots are awarded

7.1 A single endowment for the same individual.

7.2 Within 72 hours of the draw, each winner will be informed of their winnings by email, at the email address previously informed on the online questionnaire. Any winner who does not show up within 48 hours after e-mailing the result of the draw (on the date of sending by the Organizer) will be considered to have definitively renounced his winnings. The Organizer cannot be held responsible for technical failures with this electronic gain notification. Without this information from the winner within 48 hours, he will lose his status as a winner.

7.3 Any incomplete or inaccurate co-ordinated contact will be considered null and void and will not result in its endowment. Entries in the competition will be cancelled if they are incomplete, erroneous, counterfeited or carried out in a manner that is in violation of this regulation.

7.4 If the information provided by the participant is incomplete, illegible and/or does not inform the participant of his winnings, he will lose the status of winner and will not be able to make any claims.

7.5 The winner will not be able to claim the cash value of the prize money won or apply for the exchange for other goods or services. If necessary, the costs of implementing, commissioning, installing and using endowments are the responsibility of the winners. Similarly, if necessary, travel, transportation, insurance, etc. allocations but not expressly included in the endowments will remain the responsibility of the winners.

7.6 Each endowment is nominative and non-transferable.

7.7 Only one endowment per household (same name, same postal address, one email address per household) will be allocated.

7.8 To receive their endowment, the winners must report to the Riad Villa Blanche until after their response to the email announcing the result of the draw. After this time, the winner will lose his status as a winner.

Article 8 – Advertising and promotion of winners

The Organizer undertakes to obtain the express permission of the winners if their name is published on the Website and/or on the Organizer's Facebook and Instagram page.

Article 9 – Exclusion Conditions

9.1 Only one maximum participation per household is allowed.

9.2 Any participation initiated with a temporary email will not be considered valid and will be excluded. Participants are strictly prohibited from participating from multiple email addresses and/or a third party's email address for the duration of the competition. Otherwise, these entries will be automatically cancelled.

9.3 Incomplete or erroneous participation will be rejected without the Organizer's liability. Any false statement by a participant will result in exclusion without the Organizer's liability being incurred.

9.4 Participation in the competition involves full acceptance of the terms and conditions set out in this regulation without any reservations or preconditions for the participant, the non-compliance with that regulation resulting in the exclusion of the competition, the outright nullity of its participation and the allocation of the prizes.

Article 10 – Personal and Personal Data

Participants allow in advance simply because of their participation that the Organizers freely use all the personal information provided on their own account. In accordance with current legislation, the information collected is intended exclusively for the Organisers and will not be sold or transferred to third parties in any way. The information provided by the participant is intended for the use of the Riad Villa Blanche in the management of this competition and the promotion of its activity to the public.

In accordance with the Computer Science and Freedom Act of January 6, 1978, participants have the right to access, correct and write off their data. To exercise these rights, participants will need to send a letter to the organizer's mailing address listed above (Article 1) or to the following email address: webmaster@riadvillahotel.com

Article 11 – Counted Jurisdictions

11.1 This regulation is subject to French law.

11.2 In the event of a challenge or complaint, for any reason, applications must be forwarded to the Organizer within one month of the close of the competition at: webmaster@riadvillablanche.com

11.3 Parties seek to resolve amicably any dispute arose from the interpretation or enforcement of this regulation. If the disagreement persists, it will be referred to the appropriate courts.

The participant acknowledged that he was aware of, accepted and complied with this regulation without reservation.